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Love in a little town

A little film about a little town at the epicentre of a big earthquake.

This is beautiful work from New Zealand filmmaker James Muir.

When everything is stripped back by disaster it reveals what is at the heart of a resilient neighbourhood. It's the love, time and energy of its people. 
Lyttelton is the port for Christchurch City, New Zealand, that was devastated by an earthquake in february this year. In this time of great loss, Lyttelton and its community stood out as being resilient, organised and sustainable. It already had the community connections, timebanking, resource sharing and a cooperative arts community.

This film tells a little of the healing power of arts and the connected nature of the community in Lyttelton. Even the act of making a film is part of the process of healing and rebuilding.

Music and inspiration from The Eastern.

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