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  • Help someone

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    It's that simple. And it feels good for you too.

  • Share your story on this site

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    Share your story to help others who might go through similar events. 

    We know disasters will continue to happen in Australia and around the world. Your experience can help others understand what it's like. How has life changed for you? What has helped you get through it? Tell your story with words, video or photos - however you like. 

  • Be prepared

    The better prepared you are, the better you will cope after an emergency. There's a lot you can do before a disaster.


  • Volunteer

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    Did you know that one in five Australians aged 15 or more volunteers?

    It’s a rewarding thing to do. You help others by working for free and in return you can meet new people, learn new skills and gain valuable experience for your resume. Here’s some tips on volunteering:

    - Find something local. Giving back to your hometown or local area is a great way to show you care about where you live and the people in your community.

    - Try to match your interests. If you like being outdoors, consider a gardening project. If you like music, try your community radio station. Building and construction projects are good for people who like working with their hands.

    - Sign up with some mates. The more help the better!

    - Think about how much time you want to give. One day a month? Once a week? It’s up to you.


    Register as a Red Cross volunteer.

    Find out about volunteering jobs in your area.

  • Make a donation

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