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  • Smiling Mind

    Mindfulness meditation is about being aware of and acknowledging our present thoughts and actions. It helps with decision-making, as well as increasing calmness and encouraging us to think and feel more compassionately. Smiling Mind make all this portable and convenient...easy! Download their app or audio for yourself (called the Individual Program) or if you're a teacher, there's the Education Program for classes or groups. Smiling Mind is in partnership with Monash University and has programs for all ages, from seven years to adults.

  • All Right?

    All Right?

    All Right? is a social marketing campaign from Christchurch, NZ designed to get people thinking about mental health and wellbeing during recovery. The campaign encourages people to connect and support each other to boost well being. On the website you can suggest tips about what makes you feel alright. It's an easy way to share and get ideas about ways of dealing with difficult situations. You can also order a range of inspirational posters and brochures. 

  • headspace

    headspace is a national organisation, aimed at helping young people between 12 - 25 get back on their feet.


  • Address the Stress

    New Zealand Red Cross sent an iPhone around New Zealand to collect tips on dealing with stress and have compiled them all on a new website. Even us Aussies may recognise a few faces! Address the Stress is a place for young people to find tips for getting through hard times and to share their own tips.

  • Kids helpline

    Kids helpline logo

    Kids helpline is available 24 hours a day for young people needing someone to talk to.



  • Bushfire info and preparedness

    Image of CFA logo.

    The Country Fire Authority has heaps of tips on how to prepare your property for bushfire season.

  • Get first aid on your mobile

    Image of first aid pack

    If you've ever been injured, or had to help someone in an emergency, then you know how important first aid is.

  • Help for parents

    We've launched a new booklet for parents whose kids are affected by disasters or emergencies. 

  • headspace

    Image of headspace logo

    As the name suggests, headspace is about what’s happening in your head. They cover a range of topics, including mental health and alcohol and other drug issues.  

  • Looking after pets and animals

    Image of someone and their dog

    For many people, pets are members of the family. And lots of people in farming or regional areas are responsible for livestock too.