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Staying in touch

Credit: Rosen Georgiev

Do you know someone affected by the Queensland and NSW floods?  Living through an emergency situation can be a very difficult experience and normal routines go out the window.  At times like these staying in touch with friends and family can be really important.

If you know someone affected by the floods, help them out by staying in touch.  You could:

  • send them a simple text to say hi.
  • message them on Facebook offering support.
  • call to ask how they’re going.
  • let other mutual friends know they might be going through a tough time.


Have you ever been able to talk to someone in a way you knew they were really listening, even if they didn’t say much?  You probably felt just having them there made you feel better.  When offering someone a listening ear, don’t feel like you have to fix the situation.  You can nod your head or say something like "mmm" (so they know you are still listening), or ask questions about what they are saying.

Things to keep in mind

  • Listening without offering solutions or advice can be enormously helpful in itself. 
  • If your friend has been through a difficult time, they might not want to talk about what’s been happening.  That’s OK, and sometimes talking about completely unrelated things is a welcome distraction.
  • If you are concerned that a friend is not coping, you can talk to someone else about your concerns.  Check out this page about getting extra support

More info

Check out the After the Emergency website for information on common reactions after emergencies, support organisations, or to find stories about people living through natural disasters.