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After the emergency

  • Modern meditation

    Have you heard of mindfulness? Smiling Mind has an app to help us de-stress and focus anytime, anywhere...on the bus, at home, in the park...

  • Free music and recovery info!

    Download the After the emergency playlist. It is full of great music tracks from triple j unearthed artists along with recovery messages and expert advice. 

  • Parents: read this!

    Parents are a major support for their children. Read this booklet for ideas about helping kids through crisis.

  • Do you have a plan?

    Living in Australia means we face hazards, all year round. Fires, storms and cyclones can occur across the country. Colder months can be an ideal time to get ready. Do you have a plan?

  • Staying in touch

    Disasters happen without warning, all over the world. If you know someone affected by a storm, earthquake or other event, get in touch with them to show you care. A little effort can mean a lot.

  • Recovery tools for teachers

    Australian Red Cross has developed a suite of lesson plans to assist teachers in supporting their students after a disaster.


Phebe Starr's 'Alone with You' is part of the recovery playlist.

'Home' by The Falls features on the recovery playlist, have a look see...

'Sleigh Bed' by Rainy Day Women is on the recovery playlist, check it out.